July 24, 2024

The word “Antichrist” has two meanings: “He who fights Christ” or “He who takes the place of Christ”. This last meaning is the one used by Saint John. In the beginning, he will not show himself as a violent, malevolent and cruel person but as a positive charismatic leader who will solve the main problems of humanity (War, hunger, financial collapse) seducing the greater part of humanity with his talent and apparent goodness.

The Antichrist, whom the Jews will regard as the promised Messiah, will make an agreement with various heads of state in favour of Israel, he being a strategist and an imposter who will subdue humanity, first with seduction and sophistry and afterwards by means of force. Saint John says that in the middle of the week (Three and a half years) he will demand for himself divine adoration, promoting an apostate universal and unique religion, after which he will unleash persecution not only against faithful Christians, but against all those who resist his control, including the Jews themselves towards the end.

We know various details about the person of the Antichrist: That he will receive power from Satan (Apoc. 13, 2); That he will make himself be adored as God (2 Thes. 2, 4); that he will be knocked down dead and rise on the third day (Apoc 13, 12 and 14); That his reign will last three and a half years (Apoc 13, 5); That he will be supported by a false prophet who will perform deceiving prodigies, who will promote the union of religions; That the “Number of his name” (Gematria) is 666, socialising and controlling humanity by means of an economic technological system implanted in the right hand and on the forehead, a fact that implies adhesion to him, by which, whoever receives it, shall not enter the Kingdom of Christ (Apoc 13, 15-18)

According to Tradition, the Antichrist will be a Jew of the Tribe of Dan.

The Antichrist will put an end to war giving humanity its’ most profound desire, that of universal peace, although a sacrilegious and false peace.

He will also solve economic and social problems, offering everybody sustenance and wellbeing, although within a forced Socialist equality.

He will lead the greatest and most impious world confederation. He will deny, supported by his false prophet, that Jesus is the Saviour (1 Jn. 2, 22), he will be received in the place of Christ by the majority of humanity (Jn. 5, 43), he will make himself God (2 Thes. 2, 4), he will fight against the believers and he will subdue peoples and religions (Dn 7, 23)

Nevertheless, despite that the devil will reign by means of the government of his anointed one during the Great Tribulation, he will finally be defeated and his influence over creation will be limited.

Speaking of the future millennium of the kingdom of Christ (Apoc 20, 1) Saint John spoke thus as also did Pope John Paul 11 shortly before he died: “The increase of violence and injustice in the world is the work of a furious Satan, who doesn’t have much time left. He knows there is not much time because history is about to experience a radical change in freedom from evil, which is why he is reacting with great fury” (General audience of 12/1/2005).

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José Alberto Villasana Munguía

José Alberto Villasana Munguía is a Writer and analyst of political, economic and religious international affairs.

He studied Theology in the Gregorian University in Rome, Philosophy in the Angelicum University in Rome, Classical Humanities in the Centre for Higher Studies in Salamanca, Spain and International Communications in the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM), specialising in Eschatology since 1995.

He is Academic Adviser to the International Institute of Human Rights.

He is a director member of the Journalist’s Club of Mexico.

He is President of the pro life civil association “Life to be Born” (Vida para Nacer).

He has received the National Award for Journalism on three occasions in the categories of in-depth investigation.